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Road Kyll down 0-2 after two games, take the next four games for World Series Crown!


Welcome to the home page of the Chicagoland Strat-O-Matic Baseball League - This 10 team continuous draft All-star league, established in 1984, promotes competition at its highest level. - highest level.  From here, league members will be able to quickly check the latest league standings, series highlights, current rosters, league player transactions, league news and the league constitution 


This League's Credo

The Chicagoland Strat-O-Matic Baseball League was conceived to foster friendly competition between people who enjoy both Strat-O-Matic and baseball. This is Not a win at all costs league. The friendships developed through the years are as or more important than a team's won/loss record. As such, we believe there is a "spirit" of the league which goes beyond the rules contained in this Constitution. A bending of the rules or acting in a manner to gain advantage because something is not specifically outlawed in the Constitution will not be tolerated. This does not mean that a manager cannot use the present rules to his best advantage in an honest fashion.   

The rules contained in this Constitution have been developed to enable managers to compete for the pennant, build for the future, and/or undertake a combination of both. We will continue to follow this Constitution unless the Strat-O-Matic game company; (1) institutes changes to the game which are viewed to be beneficial to the league as a whole, or (2) institutes changes to the game which force the league to adopt the change. We will not change something which will benefit a particular team or teams at the expense of the others. 

When/if Strat-O-Matic introduces new game features or options, we will discuss their merits and determine if they add to the enjoyment of the game and the league. If so, we will incorporate the changes into the Constitution. This league is currently governed by the Advanced Game Rules; utilizing the advanced Right/Left split side of the cards, the advanced fielding chart, advanced strategy chart, super-advanced ballpark, advanced base-stealing rules and clutch hitting rules. 

Statistics are very important as we are interested in how all players perform, not just a few. Stats need to be compiled for all games and submitted to the designated person(s) on a regular basis. Up to date stats and league record holders will be distributed periodically to all teams, to provide a standard against which each manager can gauge their team and individual players performance. 

This league embraces a commitment to maximize the enjoyment of the members and we expect that the member managers will act in a "good for the league" manner. If you do not agree with this philosophy or the rules in this Constitution, this league is not for you. The structure of this league has evolved over the years, laying the foundation for the building of strong competitive teams through honest effort, and will
not be changed except for unusual or unforeseen circumstances.

For information on this fine Strat-O-Matic Baseball league email - Joe Ingraffia

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